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I am so glad I found this electric lunch box, I am loving it! I can use this unique lunch box, warming my home cooked meal on my own desk (office)! It takes about a good 45 mins to an hour to warm up the food, food warmed very nicely, pretty hot. But, I have no complain as I know the time I need to start warming up my food before my lunch time! I also like the colorful design. Many of my co workers complimented and are all looking into ordering it as well.

Lisa Clark

The product is great for anyone that is constantly traveling in the car or just for the go. It’s durable and easy to clean. It keeps the food heated at exact temperature you choose.

Redy Nockes

Purchased this for my husband who is a truck driver and on the road alot. He said it heated up his leftovers in less than an hour. He is very pleased with it.

Mary Linn